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Innovative Design Techniques & Exceptional Craftsmanship

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Chicago Mold Engineering Co., Inc. has been designing and building plastic injection and compression molds of superior quality since 1944. Our customers in the automotive, appliance, building supply, electronics, housewares, lawn & garden, and sporting goods industries have first-hand knowledge of our attention to detail, our customer service, and our efforts to continually meet or exceed their expectations.

Using innovative design techniques, state-of-the-art technology and exceptional craftsmanship, Chicago Mold Engineering produces multi-color and multi-shot molds, stack molds, thermoset and thermoplastic molds. We offer a variety of tooling services including: multi-axis, high speed and graphite machining; EDM services; and blue light (non-contact) scanning services for inspection, part verification and reverse engineering applications.


We have many long-time employees who have dedicated their lives to their trade. Our management team alone has over 200 combined years of experience in the industry. Our production staff as well as our engineering staff has several individuals with more than 40 years of mold building and/or designing experience. This is something in which we as a company take great pride. These levels of experience and knowledge provide us with the ability to work effectively and resolve issues quickly so they do not affect a project. Moldmaker and CNC apprentice programs also run strong allowing a continual influx of up and coming skilled tradesman for a promising future. If you would like to inquire further into Chicago Mold Engineering's experience and ability to serve you, please contact us at

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